Kamis, 24 November 2016

Zero* Annual fee & Joining Fee with your Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Standard Chartered

The Platinum Rewards credit card gives you more reasons to travel and explore. Now every journey made rewarding.


Key benefits of the Platinum Rewards credit card:


Earn 5X Rewards1 at fine-dining outlets

Earn 5X Rewards1 on fuel spends

Earn 5X Rewards1 on hotel bookings

Earn 1X Rewards1 on all other spends




Other benefits
• Up to 1500 additional reward points#
• Exciting offers1 on Vero Moda | Only | Jabong | Urban Ladder and more


Apply Now




1Terms and conditions apply.
*Maximum Rs 600 per month
# Get 1,000 additional reward points on your first transaction with you credit card. Get 500 reward points when you log on to online banking

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